5 Skincare Myths You Should Stop Believing (And 5 Truths You Should Know!)

5 Skincare Myths You Should Stop Believing (And 5 Truths You Should Know!)

The world of skincare can be complex. There are so many different products, different steps to a skincare routine, and so much disinformation about how to get your best skin of your life. If you’re having trouble parsing through all the information out there about skincare, you’re not alone! Many skincare myths are commonly held, while some of the real truths about skin health and beauty regimens seem to be well-kept secrets. Whether you’re a total skincare junkie or you’re just starting out building a beginner routine, there are a few main myths to avoid and some truths you should take into consideration. Here is what you need to know.


Myth: You Have to Exfoliate Skin Regularly

Some think that in order to have clear, glowing skin, you must exfoliate your skin daily or even more than two or three times a week. This is false. Over-exfoliating, especially with rough physical exfoliants, can damage your skin and create micro tears that hurt the texture of your skin. You should usually avoid chemically exfoliating too much or depending on physical exfoliants.


Truth: You Can Achieve Clear, Glowing Skin Through Serum Treatments

If you’re opting out of exfoliation, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to achieve the skin of your dreams. You can instead use serums, essences, and ampoules that contain gentle chemical exfoliants called actives. These actives, like AHAs and BHAs, can help you smooth out your skin’s texture and tone. They’ll also help you reduce the visible signs of age over time, so using a powerful ampoule or serum will be a great component of your anti-aging routine.


Myth: You Can’t Get Sunburnt When It’s Cloudy

Everyone knows that the sun’s harmful UV and UVB rays can not only create unsightly and uncomfortable sunburns, but they can also create permanent damage to your skin’s look and texture. It’s a myth that the sun cannot affect your skin when it’s cloudy or cold out. Even if there is cloud cover, the sun can still touch your skin and potentially cause damage.


Truth: You Should Protect Your Skin Always

Because it is a myth that you can’t get sunburnt when it’s cloudy, you should remember to wear sunscreen on your face at all times. Using an SPF cream of at least 30 can help you ward off early signs of age like discoloration, dark spots, or wrinkles.


Myth: Retinol is Only For Aged Skin

There is a myth going around in the skincare community that the use of anti-aging treatments like retinols is only for skin that is already aging-- that is, that you shouldn’t use these chemicals until you are in your 50s. This is false, because you can start using vitamin A treatments and retinols that help with skin turnover long before you hit 50.


Truth: You Can Start Anti-Aging Treatments in Your 20s

It is possible, and in fact better, to start your anti-aging treatments in your early to mid 20s. When you begin using retinol before your skin has aged visibly, you can help delay the onset of things like fine lines, wrinkles, and smile lines.


Myth: Drinking Enough Water Will Keep Skin Hydrated

It is a myth that if you simply stay on top of your water intake, your skin will be smooth and hydrated. While drinking water is good for you in a number of ways, it is not the main factor affecting your skin’s hydration level.


Truth: You Should Always Use Moisturizing Creams and/or Treatments

In order to keep your skin smooth, elastic, and moisturized, you should make sure to use moisturizer daily and stay on top of your hydrating treatments. Using a hydrating essence after cleansing can help improve your skin’s moisture barrier and ready it for other moisturizing treatments. This will help keep your skin moisturized even better than drinking ample water. Our Ampoule Repair Essence is one such product that works to keep your skin moisturised!


Myth: Cold Water Shrinks Your Pores

There is an old wives’ tale out there that splashing cold water on your face can actually reduce the size of your pores. While this isn’t true, cold water can be refreshing and provide subtle redness-reducing and depuffing properties.


Truth: You Can Only Achieve the Appearance of Smaller Pores

Many products and techniques that claim to shrink your pores are myths, because pores are a natural part of your body. While you cannot make them smaller, you can reduce the look of your pores using good hygiene, hydration, treatments, and extractions. Try out our Essence Serum that works to achieve this look!