Terms of service

Subscription Terms

The Subscription service allows the Purchaser to automatically receive the Product that it has previously selected and determined the delivery frequency.

Not all Products offered for sale on the Website are available for the Subscription service.

The Purchaser has a delivery schedule of 1-2 months regarding the delivery frequency of his or her Subscription:
    When resorting to a Subscription, the Purchaser has the ability to:
    • Define the Products covered by his or her Subscription;
    • Set a first delivery date;
    • Change the delivery frequency other than 2 months by special request by contacting support@sunandyoung.com

    The amount fixed at the time of subscription will be debited at the time of each delivery.

    Subscription subscribes the Purchaser to the automatic product dispatch service until a Party decides to terminate it in accordance with the provisions of Articles 8 and 9 of these Subscription Terms.

    By resorting to the Subscription service, the Purchaser accepts an automatic withdrawal on the occasion of each delivery, the amount and frequency of which will be defined at the time of the initial order.