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Ampoule Repair Essence

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Discover soft skin and a dewy complexion that takes years off your face. The Ampoule Repair Essence is our deeply hydrating formula that delivers intense moisture even to the most dehydrated skin. Carefully formulated with natural humectants and skin-loving botanical extracts that work together to reverse the effects of aging and dehydration on your skin. Our Ampoule Repair Essence is your key to nourished, youthful-looking skin.

Ideal For

All kinds of Skin!

How to use

Use 1 ampoule a day on clean skin before applying moisturizer for 7 days consecutively. Massage product gently onto the skin.


Water, Sodium hyaluronate crosslinking polymer, Sodium hyaluronate, Acetylated sodium hyaluronate, Hydrolzed Sodium hyaluronate, Butanediol, Avena Sativa Beta Glucan, Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract, Sophora Flavescens root extract, Glycyrrhiza Inflata root extract, P-hydroxyacetophenone, 1,2-hexanediol, 1,2-pentanediol, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorophenylene glycol, Hydroxybenzyl ester, Ethylhexyl glycerol

Some Glowing Faces!

  • @lovemisomeskin

    I have dehydrated and bumpy skin texture and upon using this for 7 days consecutively, it does help in smoothening the skin and giving that effortless 'glow'. Also, it has a watery consistency and feels light weight on the skin!

  • @vernece.lss

    I applied it on a clean face every night before my moisturizer for 6 consecutive days and i can see my textured skin greatly improved. It also greatly improved my skin tone!

  • @singapore.babydiary

    I use this to boost up my skin and I can see that my dry and dull skin improved in 7 days!

How does it work?

- Expertly hydrates your skin and locks in moisture to keep your skin looking soft and supple all day long.

- Replenishes adequate hydration to your skin to boost your skin’s repairing process and helps it flush out toxins naturally.

- Refines skin texture, smoothens wrinkles, and gives your skin an illuminating radiance that you can’t get enough of.

- Promotes collagen and elastin production to reverse the appearance of wrinkles and prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

-Supports cell generation to keep skin feeling moist, repair scarring and blemishes, and give you a spot-free complexion.

- Inhibits melanin production to reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation. Gives you a brighter complexion and a healthy glow.

Get better skin today

Ingredient Spotlight

  • Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract

    Used for hundreds of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, our formula contains this as it can combat signs of dark spots and pigmentation on the skin as well as damage on the skin caused by the environment due to free radicals.

  • Avena Sativa Beta Glucan

    Contained within oat bran which is known for soothing, moisturizing, and antiirritating effects. Avena Sativa Beta Glucan helps prevents skin aging signs through activation of collagen synthesis

  • Glycyrrhiza Inflata Root Extract

    Also known as Licorice root extract, this ingredient contains Glabridin, a flavonoid that loads your skin with antioxidant properties that enables a soothing effect which helps ease problematic skin. It also contains Liquiritin which together with Glabridin work together to give your skin a healthy glow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kristine Pocock

I’m happy with my order


It is light weight and easily absorbed by the skin.

Brighten and hydrating

The texture feels like serum, clear and scentless. It makes my skin looks hydrated and it goes well around my skin. I do find it a little tacky after applying while waiting for its absorption. A good hydrating moisturizer to follow after, will solve that issue. So it doesn't really bothers me. I like how it's sealed in an ampoule, retaining all the good properties in every application.

Amazing result!

Amazed by the results of this 7 days Ampoule Repair Essence, as I had this freckle on my face for quite some times that I could not remove it after trying different products. After applying the essence for seven days straight, my freckle obviously faded away. It does a great job at reducing or eliminating dark spots on my face. Love how glowy this makes my skin look!

One of the best I have tried!

It’s been awhile since I have tried ampoules in little capsules individually packed, and this one from S&Y works so well on my skin! It spreads and gets absorbed very quickly and leaves my skin hydrated and dewy. Highly recommended for those looking for a fuss free easy skincare product